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Let's Get Out of That Boat!

From one mom to another - guess what I got to have earlier this week...go ahead, guess!

One. Entire. Hour...

...of floating in the pool...


Can you even believe it?! The only sound I heard was the neighbor dog barking to be let in. But seriously. No children. No splashing. No one to bump into my float.

I went from: floating on my back in the sit-up raft, to floating on my stomach on the other one. (Very important not to get an uneven tan, you know.)

Then, when the heat got too much to bear - because we ARE having a heat wave here in Michigan - I just got off and swam a bit.

Seriously. Are you feeling it?

I was actually ALONE for an HOUR IN the POOL!

I know. I am still in disbelief as well.

But, don't worry. In case you fear that I just lied there wasting away my brain cells or something, I actually did a lot of praying and pondering.

Actually, I wish I didn't have one of those brains that won't stop thinking. But since I can't seem to s…