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This IS it!

"Extra! Extra! Hear all about it!"

This feels like one of those kinds of moments. Partially because my posts on here have become so infrequent. And, partially because this might just be something you want to know too!

Ready for it? (I'm sure you are waiting in eager anticipation.)

Here it is: Our imperfect, stress-filled lives are what life's all about - and they're the perfect time to praise God to the utmost!

Confused as to why I've just now come to this conclusion? Allow me to explain.

I've been waking up every day with this foreboding feeling in the pit of my stomach. Nothing huge is causing it - just a whole bunch of smaller things (all adding up to one big mole-ish mountain). Well, I've been mistaking this feeling for something that I need to devote energy to "overcoming." Something that I needed to ponder over, pray over, allow my mood to become sullen over - you get the idea. All in all, it's been adding up to me being in one fai…