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God's Time

So, I don't like to busy. Not anymore than anyone else, I'm sure. Actually - I probably like to be busy slightly LESS than the average person in my life. I'm content with slow-paced, hanging out at home, just chillin'. Well, as you probably imagined, that's not something I normally get. But this isn't a post about how busy I am. Or how much less busy I wish I were.

This is a post about all the posts I'm seeing on Facebook about how "sinful it is to be busy" or "how to stop being busy" or any of the posts claiming to know everything about how busy (or non-busy) each of us should be.


I'm tired of the whole conversation.

Here's the conversation I've been having - and one I think all those online bloggers ought to be asking their readers to have too: "OK, Lord. Is our family honoring You through the use of our time? Are we finding the right balance for our household? Is what we're choosing to spend our time on wis…

The Real Truth

I'm no longer sharing my blog updates on Facebook. So - if you've stumbled across must really be a true friend. :-) I hope to get on here more frequently to share my latest thoughts. But I really prefer that no one reads them. Unlike most bloggers, I just want to use this site as a means to save my ramblings for the future. Keeps them from getting lost in the piles on my desk, you know. 
Speaking of which...
I'm sitting here typing away at my cluttered desk on a gorgeous sunny fall Sunday afternoon. It's the "Fall Back" Sunday - so I'm remarkably refreshed (how can one little hour have that big of an effect?!). The washing machine and dryer are busy. The kids and Dave are each otherwise entertained. I have some rare moments of "down time". Well, not really. I have lots of other things to still be doing. But I'm proclaiming this moment as one worth sharing what's on my mind. 
If you were to ask me how I'm feeling lately - a…

Ready or Not...

We start school tomorrow at our house. School. That thing that starts after three months of summer vacation. You know. Summer vacation. That thing with really nice weather and lots of time spent enjoying the pool and the great outdoors. Lots of time to "chill". Yeah, that.

Um, no. This wasn't that kind of summer. still starts tomorrow - whether I feel like I had my summer vacation or not.


I'm in denial today. Thinking it can't possibly be the end of August. My babies can't possibly be going into 8th, 8th, and 4th grade. I can't possibly be expected to be ready to teach them for another school year.

Oh, boy. Ready or comes school!

I've decided to focus on all the reasons why I'm glad school starts tomorrow. Here's the short list:

By starting before Labor Day...we'll be done the end of May. I really like that.We've got several "catch-up weeks" scheduled into our schedule this year. I really like tha…

When the Wheels Fall Off...

The wheels have fallen off my weight loss wagon. I mean - there is not one part of one single wheel still there. It's time to re-build the wheels and get this wagon moving in the right direction again. But I seem to have lost site of the road map. Plus there appears to be a very large boulder right in my path - a mini mountain even. I know there is open road ahead. I just can't seem to get this wagon back on the move. I'm stuck. Completely.


After losing 60 pounds in 2011 - I sit here today with 30 of them shamefully put back on. I'm back to the bad tapes running in my head. I'm back to despising every ounce I see (and feel). I'm in a bad, bad place. It's time to reach out for some moral support from others who can relate.

Honestly, I know exactly what did me in. This last school year was THE most un-enjoyable school year we've had in this house. My emotional eating kicked back into gear maybe only two months into the school year. Then - you add in…

Worry Much?

It's one of those rare moments where I have the house entirely to myself and nothing pressing that I have to be doing. Oh, of course there's an ongoing list of things I COULD be doing. But you know how that goes. So, I thought I'd take a few moments to write a new post:

Are you a worrier? Apparently, I am. I say apparently because it really does come as a shock to me that I'm a worrier. I would never have described myself that way. I'm pretty laid back. A bit of a planner. But definitely not a Type A personality or anything. I feel like a glass half full kind of girl. I just wouldn't say I'm a worrier. But God is changing my mind on that one.

You see, as the kids grow and life's demands increase (or just change) - it seems that I always have something that is nagging on my mind. Something I'm "mulling over" or "processing." I've also noticed that - along with my mulling and processing - there seems to be this constant nervous…

New Year's Day!

I have always LOVED New Year's Day. I think it's because of the idea of fresh beginnings. A clean slate. Something about New Years Day just feels!

Probably just a sign of my massive need for forgiveness each year: promises broken (to myself more than to anyone else), lacking in the fruits of the Spirit in more ways than I can keep track, bad homeschooling habits, poor time know. The type of stuff we all disappoint ourselves in throughout the previous twelve months. There's just something refreshing about putting it all behind you and starting anew on January 1st.

That's why I love this day.

I love planning. Dreaming. Writing down goals. I love reflecting. Journaling. Remembering all my blessings. Today I'm carving out a good chunk of time to do all of the above.

You see, it's Rose Bowl Game day. Our family are Spartan fans. I too sport the green & white regularly. Why not? No sense going against the grain. But really is t…