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When the Wheels Fall Off...

The wheels have fallen off my weight loss wagon. I mean - there is not one part of one single wheel still there. It's time to re-build the wheels and get this wagon moving in the right direction again. But I seem to have lost site of the road map. Plus there appears to be a very large boulder right in my path - a mini mountain even. I know there is open road ahead. I just can't seem to get this wagon back on the move. I'm stuck. Completely.


After losing 60 pounds in 2011 - I sit here today with 30 of them shamefully put back on. I'm back to the bad tapes running in my head. I'm back to despising every ounce I see (and feel). I'm in a bad, bad place. It's time to reach out for some moral support from others who can relate.

Honestly, I know exactly what did me in. This last school year was THE most un-enjoyable school year we've had in this house. My emotional eating kicked back into gear maybe only two months into the school year. Then - you add in…