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Ready or Not...

We start school tomorrow at our house. School. That thing that starts after three months of summer vacation. You know. Summer vacation. That thing with really nice weather and lots of time spent enjoying the pool and the great outdoors. Lots of time to "chill". Yeah, that.

Um, no. This wasn't that kind of summer. still starts tomorrow - whether I feel like I had my summer vacation or not.


I'm in denial today. Thinking it can't possibly be the end of August. My babies can't possibly be going into 8th, 8th, and 4th grade. I can't possibly be expected to be ready to teach them for another school year.

Oh, boy. Ready or comes school!

I've decided to focus on all the reasons why I'm glad school starts tomorrow. Here's the short list:

By starting before Labor Day...we'll be done the end of May. I really like that.We've got several "catch-up weeks" scheduled into our schedule this year. I really like tha…