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Ready or Not...

We start school tomorrow at our house. School. That thing that starts after three months of summer vacation. You know. Summer vacation. That thing with really nice weather and lots of time spent enjoying the pool and the great outdoors. Lots of time to "chill". Yeah, that.

Um, no. This wasn't that kind of summer. still starts tomorrow - whether I feel like I had my summer vacation or not.


I'm in denial today. Thinking it can't possibly be the end of August. My babies can't possibly be going into 8th, 8th, and 4th grade. I can't possibly be expected to be ready to teach them for another school year.

Oh, boy. Ready or comes school!

I've decided to focus on all the reasons why I'm glad school starts tomorrow. Here's the short list:

  • By starting before Labor Day...we'll be done the end of May. I really like that.
  • We've got several "catch-up weeks" scheduled into our schedule this year. I really like that too.
  • It's time to get ourselves back into a schedule. I don't necessarily like the sound of it - but it's just time.
  • We'll get over a week of school in before music lessons & dance starts. Breaking in slowly is always nice.
  • No co-op this year - so that means 5 days at home doing school. This makes me extra happy.
  • Tomorrow we're supposed to have our first 90 degree day of the summer (see above where I'm lamenting how a-typical a summer this has been). Normally the kids would sleep in and lolly-gag all morning and then play in the pool all afternoon. Well tomorrow, they'll be done with their first day of school just in time to still enjoy the pool all afternoon! Gotta love productive mornings. :-)

I'm not gonna lie though. Last year's school year was our hardest one yet. And I feel like this was our busiest summer yet. I've done barely anything I'd hoped to do before the start of a new school year. I don't feel refreshed. I still feel like I might just crumble under the weight of it all. 

But school starts tomorrow. 

So, I'll do my devotions as soon as Dave leaves for work. I'll wake the kids up at 7:30. I'll head out for a run while they're having breakfast and getting dressed. We'll start school at 8:30am sharp with prayer and devotions. 

One subject at a time. One hour at a time. God will give me just what I need to start this new school year off on a high note. Because, let's face it - being able to have my kids home with me and learn about God's creation together...that's a pretty amazing blessing. 

So for now...I'll enjoy this last day of our summer vacation. And I'll look forward to enjoying as many of the upcoming year's school days as I possibly can. Because I'm busy living life in the trenches. The homeschool Mom trenches. And it's a pretty good place to be.



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