Monday, November 10, 2014

God's Time

So, I don't like to busy. Not anymore than anyone else, I'm sure. Actually - I probably like to be busy slightly LESS than the average person in my life. I'm content with slow-paced, hanging out at home, just chillin'. Well, as you probably imagined, that's not something I normally get. But this isn't a post about how busy I am. Or how much less busy I wish I were.

This is a post about all the posts I'm seeing on Facebook about how "sinful it is to be busy" or "how to stop being busy" or any of the posts claiming to know everything about how busy (or non-busy) each of us should be.


I'm tired of the whole conversation.

Here's the conversation I've been having - and one I think all those online bloggers ought to be asking their readers to have too: "OK, Lord. Is our family honoring You through the use of our time? Are we finding the right balance for our household? Is what we're choosing to spend our time on wise? or should we modify it to be more pleasing to You?"

It's not about comparing our family's level of busy-ness to other families in order to gauge whether we're doing OK. It's about taking regular assessments as to whether our time management skills are pleasing to God.

Here's why I think this is such an important gauge: because if we value our "down-time" too much or our "go-time" too much...both of those extremes can become idolatry.

I know for a fact that we're busier than I ever wanted to be. But - we have three healthy, social, active kids. And - praise the Lord - we're in a place where financially, we don't always have to say "No!". Part of our busy-ness stems just from the fact that we're homeschoolers. That's not something I'm willing to give up. Then there's the music lessons. Those are a non-negotiable in my house. Then there's the sports/physical activities. I'm THRILLED that my kids are athletic and into sports! Hard to say no to that. Then there's family & church activities. Also important. Let's face it - we are just right in the throes of the busiest season of our lives as parents. One day (all too soon) we're going to look back on these busy years and miss them. For now - it's a constant reminder to myself to just hold on tight and enjoy the ride. :-)

When I feel like my world is spinning just a bit too fast for me - I've learned how to say "No!". Thankfully, I've gotten pretty good at this. I find that I stay grounded when I'm staying in the Word - and when I'm getting enough alone time (I'm an introvert, remember). When things get too busy for me and I'm not getting my down time - yes, I do sometimes have mini meltdowns and end up having to stay home from an activity in order to re-charge my batteries. But, praise God, I've learned over the years that this is OK! And there's no guilt involved.

So - if you see one of those posts online about making sure to stay away from busy...I hope you'll read them with fresh eyes. Busy exists. It's just whether or not you're keeping God in the middle of your busy, or leaving Him out. Keeping Him in it? Good for you.

Now - hold on tight...and enjoy the ride!!

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