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Food for Thought

Caught up in the mundane. Busy with the essentials. Blessed beyond measure. Yep. That about sums up my life. Yours too?

Know this: I am not writing this post with a spirit of complaining. I look around and very quickly realize just how blessed I am. I am just busy keeping my plates spinning. Trying not to worry about which one will fall. Crossing my fingers that none of them really will.

Such is the life of a Mom, right?!

As I write this, I'm listening to a great talk by Andrew Kern (listen to it here). He is talking about the culture that we live in. He says that we are a culture full of anxiety. Yes. When I get caught up in the spinning plates, that's what I'm feeling. Anxiety.

One of the things he challenges us to do (and which I want to make my personal "summer homework") is to take Philippians 4:8 and write each adjective onto an index card. Then, we are to take only 1 minute a day to write about what comes to mind when we think about living our lives accor…


I do believe summer is around the corner! These warmer temps are making me get excited for the reality of a much slower schedule this summer. Summers are normally always slower for us (that is, compared to the school year), but this summer - we're working even harder than normal to keep lots of white space on the calendar. This Momma is burned out! Well, I'm feeling much better now that the roar of basketball season & CC are behind us. Even though Little League is also a busy time of year, having the more relaxed pace of school during the day makes them not feel so rushed. Plus, it's only 6 weeks of busy-ness instead of 6 months. Although, as I type this, Luke is having his guitar lesson and I've got fajita stuff simmering on the stove so we can have a quick bite to eat before we head out for Mikayla's game and Luke's team pictures. But, just the fact that I have brain cells left to blog means that things must be slower.

As we finish out the school year (t…