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Just Pray

This parenting thing is not for the faint of heart.

When my kids were little, all my friends with older children (e.g. older than mine were at the time) would always tell me how much harder parenting is as the kids get older.

"Yeah, right", I thought. Raising twins was never a cake-walk from the moment I became an immediate mother of two! I thought that surely nothing could be harder than two newborns, or two toddlers, or two pre-schoolers.

Well, here's what I think today: parenting the little ones is physically exhausting, while parenting the olders is emotionally exhausting.

Want to know when parenting is REALLY hard? When you see your childhood struggles rearing their ugly heads in the lives of yourchildren. Ugh. It stinks.

Nothing can throw me back faster to my childhood hurts than when I see similar things happening with my kids. Talk about Momma Bear mode? This is like Momma Bear with a wounded paw mode. Not. Pretty.

Right now I see my kids walking through some thi…